Hardware solutions for the fresh foods and refrigeration area

The fresh foods and refrigeration areas are particularly scrupulous when it comes to having fresh and high-quality foodstuffs. For this reason, optimum quality management is a necessity requiring complete traceability of the flow of goods and an easy overview of the inventory. Using the hardware solutions developed by us for this area of application, you can also optimise your processes in the refrigeration warehouse at -38°C and smoothly manage all of the data supplied by the inventory management system.

DaTec M

Universally suitable for simple and complex logistical and industrial applications


For use in areas of extreme temperatures from -38°C to 50°C

Industrial PC NT

Less cabling and wiring, greater user-friendliness

The high-performance computer for sub-zero temperatures

Working in the refrigeration area is one of the most difficult environments for both man and machine.

Pharmaceutical and food-grade-compliant industrial computer

Our IP65 terminal, IPC V2a, is specially designed for hygiene-intense use.