Powerful hardware solutions for industry and production

Complex work flows in systems, on the production floor and in quality assurance make the use of hardware essential. Whether this is for process management and monitoring or for visualising processes, often being able to access the inventory management system directly from the production floor brings with it advantages you can no longer imagine doing without. Oil, dust and metal shavings, in short the industrial environment, makes quite high requirements of hardware. For these tasks in particular, KSC provides you with a wide range of reliable hardware from our own development and production departments.

DaTec M

Universally suitable for simple and complex logistical and industrial applications

The high-performance fanless industrial PC

Cross-industrial application for maximum efficiency and the highest level of user convenience

Industrial PC NT

Less cabling and wiring, greater user-friendliness

The high-performance computer for sub-zero temperatures

Working in the refrigeration area is one of the most difficult environments for both man and machine.

Pharmaceutical and food-grade-compliant industrial computer

Our IP65 terminal, IPC V2a, is specially designed for hygiene-intense use.

Mobile workstation MobiWa

Ergonomic, robust and flexible. Always there when needed.