KSC fanless industrial computer

The KSC fanless industrial computer: The completely passively cooled construction of these high-performance computers means they are optimally suited for use in demanding industrial environments, hospitals and administrative offices. We have structured our “fanless industrial computer” product area into three basic lines according to usage and application conditions:

  • IPC – The high-performance PC for all industries and applications
  • IPC-NT – The high-performance PC with integrated 110/230V adapter
  • IPC-TK – The high-performance industrial computer for the refrigeration area
  • PC-V2a – Stainless steel casing design. Optionally as low as -28°C

Are you looking for the suitable industrial computer for your specific application? Use our quick and easy search function to find what you need (IPC product finder).

The high-performance fanless industrial PC

Cross-industrial application for maximum efficiency and the highest level of user convenience

Industrial PC NT

Less cabling and wiring, greater user-friendliness

The high-performance computer for sub-zero temperatures

Working in the refrigeration area is one of the most difficult environments for both man and machine.

Pharmaceutical and food-grade-compliant industrial computer

Our IP65 terminal, IPC V2a, is specially designed for hygiene-intense use.

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